Sizekick launches Size Recommendation AI based on online shoppers' exact body measurements

Munich-based startup develops new technology in record time and onboards well-known brands and retailers in the fight against size-related returns in e-commerce


Sizekick is celebrating a successful market entry and announcing that its newly developed sizing AI is available for fashion e-commerce stores. The innovative solution promises to add significant value for fashion brands and online shoppers alike by using accurate individual body measurements to recommend correct clothing sizes.

The sizing experts from Munich aim to eliminate size uncertainty in online shopping and thus sustainably reduce returns. The AI-based technology integrates into online stores as a web app and offers users two size recommendation options: the disruptive BodyFinder solution and the video-based BodyScanner user journey. With BodyFinder, the AI suggests realistic body shapes from which to choose in seconds. Alternatively, the BodyScanner option allows users to scan their bodies using their smartphone - all they need to do is turn around once in front of the camera. The unique option to choose between BodyFinder and BodyScanner is considered to be a key driver for the digital size advisor’s adoption rate and number of users.

"Thanks to our team's years of sizing experience, my experience with previous external benchmarks, and our own internal evaluation, it is likely that we are already generating the market’s most accurate smartphone-based body measurements at the time of Sizekick's product launch," shares Jake Lydon (co-founder and CIO) on the official launch. "We will continually challenge this assumption in our dynamic market, both internally and externally, and we aim to establish ourselves as a technology leader in our industry."

Over the past few months, Sizekick’s development was significantly supported by the expert knowledge of Hohenstein to ensure the accurate alignment of body measurements and product properties (clothing in online stores). Hohenstein has been an integral strategic partner and investor since September 2022, and is considered a leading player in the field of size & fit. For over 75 years, Hohenstein has been advising fashion brands about which bodies fit particular sizes, what the bodies of target groups actually look like, and whether a collection’s fit meets the brand’s requirements. 

Thanks to this partnership, Sizekick can now offer brands an exclusive fit analysis by Hohenstein, which serves as valuable input for the product teams of these brands and also directly benefits Sizekick’s AI. This collaboration sets Sizekick apart in the e-commerce sizing industry, as it brings a unique level of expert input to the solution and enhances both accuracy and the customer’s overall user experience.

"Our goals are to sustainably improve the online shopping experience in Sizekick partner stores and gain the trust of users by recommending sizes that fit, thereby reducing size-related returns," explains David Oldeen, co-founder and CEO of Sizekick. "Working with Hohenstein has allowed us to draw upon many years of increasingly rare knowledge in the field of apparel technology, and this knowledge really helped us develop a highly accurate and user-friendly solution. The early trust from the fashion market in our new technology has tremendously motivated our team from day one. We are very pleased that Sizekick has already attracted a lot of interest from the e-commerce industry, even before the official product launch. By the end of the summer, our solution will already be integrated in about 10 online stores," Oldeen is pleased to announce.

Sizekick's first customers include the Swiss multi-brand shop for sustainable fashion Rrrevolve, the US-based premium outdoor brand Black Diamond, as well as the internationally renowned German premium brand Marc Cain.

Sebastian Lanz, founder and owner of Rrrevolve, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership with Sizekick: "We are convinced that we can only successfully avoid returns if we can take away the customer’s size uncertainty. To do this, we need to gain the customer’s trust when recommending sizes and, above all, repay that trust after delivery of the product with sizes that fit! The first product reviews, in which our customers thanked us for the great sizing tool, have definitely been going in the right direction. A key point leading to our decision to partner with Sizekick early on is that the size recommendation’s foundation is a set of very accurate body measurements for each customer. In addition, over time the AI solution will get to know the products and each user better and better, and will be able to take personal fit preferences into account. Lastly, as a lean organization, it was very important that all of the integration work was done by Sizekick. Our job ended up being a simple copy/paste into the store and only took 5 minutes.”

Anna Lechner, Head of E-Commerce at Black Diamond, is also excited about the promising partnership with Sizekick: "As an American brand in Europe, fit is always a big issue. We have been looking for a solution that accurately takes into account our apparel’s fit when recommending sizes for quite some time. Thanks to the professional fit analysis through Sizekick’s partner Hohenstein, we were able to ensure that our specific Black Diamond fit would be correctly considered by Sizekick’s sizing AI and lead to accurate recommendations right at go-live. In addition, the results from the analysis were very helpful for our product team in the US."

For Christoph Kinder, Team Lead Digital & Marketing at Marc Cain, the holistic approach was crucial for the vote of confidence in Sizekick's new technology. "For us as a premium brand, it is crucial to be able to also offer our customers optimal service and advice digitally, in order to create a first-class shopping experience. The ultimate goal when working with Sizekick is to provide fast and accurate size recommendations, make buying decisions easier, and make our e-commerce channel more sustainable by reducing size-related returns. Due to the team's extensive experience in the field of sizing, discussions quickly gained momentum and Sizekick’s integration into the Marc Cain webshop was able to begin in short order."

Sizekick’s long term vision is to change fashion e-commerce in a sustainable and positive way, as a trustworthy partner for online shoppers and e-commerce stores alike. They aim to offer users worldwide the most accurate sizing experience, and the product launch represents a significant milestone for the company. In order to reduce unnecessary returns and the associated CO2 emissions on a large scale, the next step is to scale within the fashion industry, and Sizekick is looking forward to many more collaborations with fashion brands, retailers, and marketplaces worldwide.

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About Sizekick

Sizekick is putting an end to unnecessary size-related returns in online fashion retail. The Munich-based company uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to recommend the right clothing size to customers in online partner stores. With the help of Sizekick’s integrated software and a smartphone, everyone can find the right size in just a few seconds. Fashion and sports brands, as well as multi-brand stores and marketplaces, can integrate the "Sizekick Button" in their online store with minimal effort. Sizekick offers its solution as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

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