The most accuratE sizing solution for fashion e-commerce!

Sizekick uses artificial intelligence and exact body measurements to reduce size-related returns and boost shops' conversion.

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Sizing in Fashion e-commerce

The Problem

Shoppers struggle to find the correct clothing size online, often buy multiple sizes, or are frustrated by receiving clothes that don't fit.

This leads to return rates of up to 50% and creates a significant environmental impact.

The Solution

With Sizekick’s size recommendation solution, fashion shops reduce the shopper's size uncertainty and earn their trust. This leads to major impacts for the shops.

Reduce returns and handling costs
Carbon Footprint
Save 500g of CO₂ emissions per prevented return
Increase the shop’s conversion rate
Customer Service
Reduce size-related customer service requests
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Why you should choose Sizekick!

The TEam behind the magic

A multidisciplinary, diverse team with an outstanding track record in the fields of sizing, deep learning, and computer vision.

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Pepijn Damhuis
Sr. Account Executive
Pepijn Damhuis

Pepijn is a skilled sales professional with a tech background who thrives on creation. He is passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and AI, and is a dynamic force in building connections and driving growth.

Fatima Sohail
Product Designer
Fatima Sohail

Fatima is a design enthusiast who loves creating visually striking designs. She loves nothing more than having good conversations, especially those that lead to creating designs that speak to people. And when she's not busy designing, you can find her on the hunt for the latest and greatest flavors of ice cream!

James Gray
JamEs Gray

James likes working on fun problems in AI and Computer Vision. Before joining Sizekick, he worked on systems for converting indoor lidar scans to architectural CAD models. In his free time, he adds skeletons to the elephant graveyard of his discarded hobbies.

Arsalan Javed
ARsalan jAvEd

Arsalan is an award winning product leader who has traveled all over the world to study design and human-machine interaction. He enjoys designing products that not only solve real problems but also delight and inspire their users.

Gana Moharram
ML Engineer
GAna MoHaRram

Gana is passionate about using Machine & Deep Learning to make life a little bit easier for some people out there. Before tackling size recommendation she was working on NLP applications at a fintech company. Gana is often on the lookout for good weather to play outdoor tennis. In bad weather, music, TV and philosophy keep her busy.

Lukas Hiegemann
Head of Sales
LuKas HiEgEManN

Lukas gets excited about scaling business models. In the past few years, he gained experience in the Startup and tech industry and at a VC. Lukas is a passionate runner and cyclist who enjoys trying out new creations as a hobby chef.

Mahmoud Hassan
Full-Stack Engineer
Mahmoud HasSan

Mahmoud is a software engineer, fueled by a passion for technology and a drive to solve complex problems and produce top-quality results. When Mahmoud steps away from the keyboard, he can be found hitting the gym, or whipping up healthy and delicious meals in the kitchen.

Mo Hasan
Mo Hasan

Mo is passionate about solving problems that matter at scale. He values solutions that are natural, inclusive and simple. He enjoys the company of friends, nature, whole food and cats 🐈

Jake Lydon
Co-founder & CIO
JakE Lydon

Jake uses Deep Learning to solve hard Computer Vision problems. Before founding Sizekick, he developed size recommendation AI for many years. He loves hanging out with his family at the lakes around Munich and rooting for his hometown and college teams.

René Filip
Sr. Software Engineer
REnÉ Filip

As a software engineer, René likes to think about difficult problems and how to solve them in an efficient and clear way. In his free time, he loves to hike in the Alps and visits the local Bouldering gyms in Munich.

Manu Puthiyadath
ML Engineer
Manu Puthiyadath

Manu is a Deep Learning and Computer Vision enthusiast working on getting accurate measurements of the human body from just a smartphone video. When he isn’t coding, you can find him hitting the gym or reading a book.

David Oldeen
Co-Founder & CEO
David OldeeN

As a commercial leader, David gets excited by scalable growth and loves real solutions for real problems. For about 5 years he has been passionate about solving this one - size uncertainty. He enjoys refreshing his mind in the mountains and loves to find new veggie restaurants in Munich.

Our vision

To provide the most-loved, sustainable, and accurate size recommendation experience.

Our team is growing and we would love to get to know you. Check out our open positions!

The strongest partnership in the sizing industry

With more than 75 years of experience Hohenstein is the global leader in the field of apparel sizing, digital fitting, textile standards and quality assurance for apparel. More than 1.000 Hohenstein experts work around the globe to help fashion brands and retailers to establish size and fit consistency to reach consumers’ highest expectations.

We found the perfect technology partner in Sizekick. Their team and platform match our expectations to provide the best size recommendation solution for e-commerce. Their vast domain knowledge is crucial when combining state-of-the-art AI with our long-term expertise in apparel fit, digital body measurements and size tables. The solution will provide real-time confidence to online shoppers around the world, reduce unnecessary returns and make fashion e-commerce more sustainable.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Mecheels
Owner & CEO, Hohenstein

Part of Europe’s leading AI ecosystem

As part of Munich‘s Venture Lab Software/AI, the jointly-established hub for leading AI startups by TUM and UnternehmerTUM, Sizekick gained valuable early access to a network of experienced founders, consultants, and partners. The Venture Lab‘s managing director, Antoine Leboyer, was Sizekick‘s first advisor and the founders’ sparring partner from the first pitch till today.

When Sizekick’s founders Jake Lydon and David Oldeen shared their vision and told me about their plans for the product for the first time, I was impressed by their extensive domain knowledge and clear strategy on how to solve a big problem for users, shops, and the environment. I look forward to seeing Sizekick’s impact on the fashion industry grow.

Antoine Leboyer
MD, VentureLab Software/AI

The founding story

Jake Lydon (USA) and David Oldeen (Germany) first got to know each other while working together at Presize, where they aimed to solve one of fashion e-commerce’s biggest challenges, namely unnecessary returns.

Jake developed the industry-leading AI system that enabled users to shop online and get both accurate body measurements and great size recommendations - with just a smartphone!

David led Presize’s commercial growth and scaled the state-of-the-art sizing solution’s impact on the fashion industry by onboarding a large number of partner shops.

Shortly after Presize was purchased by Meta (the company behind Instagram & Facebook), Jake & David decided that their “sizing journey” wasn’t over and Sizekick was born. They are focused on building the next generation of sizing technology and making it available to fashion brands and retailers, with the goal of eliminating size frustration and reducing returns.

With strategic partner Hohenstein at their side and a top-notch team operating out of Sizekick’s Munich HQ, the founders can’t wait to launch the new Sizekick software in 2023.

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